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Revolution and Resistance

Discover the religious origins of the arguments in support of American independence. More

The rhetoric used by revolutionary church leaders to support American independence drew upon the seventeenth century tradition of reformed resistance. More

Document Library

25 Core Documents

These 25 documents trace the central themes in the story of religion in American history. More

These 25 primary documents trace some of the central themes in the long, complex story of religion and politics in American history. More

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Vine & Fig Tree

The biblical motif of the Vine and Fig Tree expresses the most critical hope of the Revolution. More

The compelling imagery of the Vine and Fig Tree from the Biblical book of Micah continues to express the most essential hope of the American Revolution. More

Mapping America's Religious Experience

Places of Faith

Each site on the map illustrates stories of religion as it has actually been lived in America. More

Each site on the Places of Faith map serves as a landmark illustrating one or more stories of religion as it has been actually lived in this country: sites that show how different religions have changed our nation, and how our nation has changed various religious traditions. More