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January 16, 1919

Philadelphia Synagogue Petitions the Council of Censors of Pennsylvania

December 23, 1783
A 225-year-old Protest Against Religious Qualifications for Office

The End of World War I

November 11, 1918

Germantown Citizens Petition the Quakers to Abolish Slavery

The First Anti-Slavery Protest by a Religious Group

The First Parliament of the World’s Religions

September 11 - 28, 1893

The First Chinese Missionary to America Speaks Out

August 1887
Wong Chin Foo Explains "Why am I a Heathen?"

The Catholic Church in the New Republic

June 27, 1783
American Catholic Church Petitions for Local Governance

Memorial Day and the Contested Memory of the Civil War

May 2018
Civil Religion in America

Martin Luther King: January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968

April 1968
Christianity and Civil Rights

Grant’s Indian Peace Policy

The Role of Christian Reformers